Gasthof Hinterbrühl

Hinterbrühl 2
81479 München

Phone: 089 / 794494

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Beer Garden

In one of the most beautiful beergarden of Munich, you have a bautiful view to the Isar river and the floats and sit under oustanding chestnut trees.

The beergarden with 1000 seats has interesting and atractive guests. Real Munich People, Newcomers, parents with their childrens (they love the two huge playgrounds), soccer-fans, actors and important politicians are only a small group of daily guests in the most beautiful beergarden of Gerry Haberl.

The selfservicearea offers dainties of typical bavarian specialities, like chicken, spareribs, beef and pork loaf and sausage salat.

The beer ist from the label Hacker Pschorr and one litre of beer costs € 7.30. Surely you may take your own lunchbag and enjoy it under the trees.

Shortly: an authentic Munich beergarden


Lunch Menu 2-courses | Mo-Fr | 11:00 - 16:00 Clock
  • Hochzeit, Geburtstag, Taufe oder andere Familienfeste ab
    40.00 €
  • Sommerfest, Tagung oder Weihnachtsfeier ab
    50.00 €
  • Bei uns sind Sie richtig, wir beraten Sie gerne
    0.00 €